‘Superhuman’ Guy Eats Extremely Hot Charcoal and Extinguishes Acetylene Using His Tongue

     3 months ago
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People even believe he has been possessed by a demon!

We’ve seen ‘superhuman’ strength and abilities on many popular superhero movies today, but do these kinds of people really exist? While the possibility of having an invisible man or a woman who controls the sky can be far from reality, there are some unique individuals who do things no ordinary human could ever imagine.

On our planet, living among us there are also humans with real super powers. This guy is one of them—but his ability can be disturbing for some.

Doug ”Hell ‘N’ Back” Thompson has been gaining popularity in the internet for one reason: his resilience to heat is amazingly unbelievable. He demonstrated many inhuman feats like extinguishing an Acetylene torch (6,300 Fahrenheit) using his tongue. You don’t believe it? Watch it here:

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His Youtube channel read: “Welcome to Hell! Subscribe for videos about welding, fire, iron, snow and stunts by the world’s craziest welder, Doug “Hell ‘N’ Back” Thompson.”

His official logo is a succubus with anthropomorphic features of a promiscuous woman. In his introductory video he creepily announced ‘Welcome To Hell’.

One stunt also showed Doug eating extremely hot coal, without burning his lips or tongue! Watch his crazy stunt here:


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