Supremo of Guardians Brotherhood who supported Trillanes now bashes him

     6 months ago
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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s tirades and reactions against President Rodrigo Duterte had not only made his bashers hate him more, but has converted his former supporters into his dissenters.

Supremo of Guardians Brotherhood Tony Mamac was ashamed of Trillanes having addressed the President by his surname and saying that “pag wala na sila sa posisyon, pupulutin sila sa kangkungan”.

Mamac says it was “unbecoming” of Trillanes to have spoken in such a manner about Duterte, pointing out further that even as Duterte’s critics, Trillanes should have accorded the President with “due courtesy and respect”.

The former Supremo mentioned that he previously voted for and campaigned for Trillanes as part of the Guardians and Magdalo, but even as a supporter, Mamac shared his shame and disgust at Trillanes’ actions.

In his full post on Facebook, Mamac said,

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With due respect to Senator Trillanes, being he a former military officer and a sitting Senator in the Senate for sure he knows the wisdom of Courtesy and Discipline which was repeatedly thought in the military schools.

Calling the President in his surname and commenting “pag wala na sila sa posisyon, pupulutin sila sa kangkungan”, is uncalled for and unbecoming.

We know that you are not in good terms with President Duterte. But as the President of the Republic voted by 16 Million filipinos, he deserves and must be properly accorded with due courtesy and respect.

During the last election, as Supreme Godfather (SUPREMO) of the GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD, i voted and campaigned for you together with all the GUARDIANS and MAGDALOs in Central Luzon because we know what you are fighting for. If you still remember you visited me and all the Guardians and Magdalos in Barangay Balibago.

But DISRESPECTING our duly elected PRESIDENT in national television is insubordination and conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman.


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Source: Tony Mamac

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