Thai Woman Says She ‘Accidentally Fell’ on a Cucumber as Doctors Tried to retrieve it from Her Vagina -done

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What are the odds?

Some of us might have done some embarrassing things in our lives—and the worst case scenario would get into ‘accidents’ that will expose us. When caught, people would of course lie, and try to get themselves clear of doubt. However, this Thai woman’s reason was nothing more than an obvious lie, after she was brought to the hospital with a cucumber stuck inside her vagina.

A 51-year-old Thai woman from Bangkok was brought to a hospital after she complained of extreme vaginal pains. Doctors were then shocked to discover a cucumber stuck inside her vagina! The woman then claimed that she accidentally ‘fell’ on the cucumber and it slid right inside her. The woman’s claims of it happening by accident made headlines on social media as it became a viral topic among the online community.

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The obvious lie failed to convince the doctor and hospital staff, but they treated her nevertheless.

Most patients with foreign bodies stuck in their own refuse to seek medical attention because of embarrassment. Writing in BMJ Case Reports, specialists say: ‘A variety of objects impacted in the private parts of the body have been described: bottles, sex toys, vegetables, etc.

‘Generally, patients with rectal foreign bodies (RFB) try to retrieve the objects by themselves because of shame and embarrassment to seek medical care, but the majority fail in these attempts and eventually present to the emergency room.’


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