There’s Something Strange In His Neighborhood: One Dad Puts Cameras in the House and Makes a Scary Discovery

     2 months ago
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With Halloween and All Soul’s Day fast approaching, there will always be talks about ghosts and scary stories to go around during gatherings. Never mind if that’s a story about your old house’s nuno sa punso or the big kapre lurking in your towering balete tree. Or how about that white lady that haunts the girl’s bathrooms because of her brutal demise?

But what if your house is actually the one that’s haunted, and not your neighbor’s? What if you look into the camera recordings and discover something that will make you invoke the Lord’s name in vain?

OMG, right?

For one dad, he only installed a CCTVs in his house so he could monitor his daughter, even when he’s not around. But he found something more chilling.

via channel: Punjabi Entertainment

In the video compilation uploaded on Youtube, the CCTV footage showed a little girl playing with her doll. Notice that on the far right of the video, another doll was propped up against a chair.

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via channel: Punjabi Entertainment

Slowly, the doll began to tilt its head a little, reverting to its original position, as if nothing happened.

via channel: Punjabi Entertainment

But wait, there’s more.

The latter half of the footage showed the same girl standing by a table. It looked like she was writing something on the paper when a stack of loose leaves loudly rustled on their own.

via channel: Punjabi Entertainment
via channel: Punjabi Entertainment

She was too scared as she ran out of the room.

A few seconds after, the young girl gingerly walked back to the table, but there was violent movement from supposedly inanimate objects.

via channel: Punjabi Entertainment

The TV remote control suddenly flew off the table, followed by other things in the room. It got worse, as the table itself seemed to move out of its own volition!

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via channel: Punjabi Entertainment
via channel: Punjabi Entertainment
via channel: Punjabi Entertainment

Most of the netizens were initially spooked by the viral CCTV footage. However, the cynical ones were doubtful of the video’s authenticity. Others even speculated that the father staged the whole incident, and that he gave instructions to his daughter. TNP is no myth or ghost buster, but this video is still something to scare that one friend who “ain’t afraid of no ghost.”

Don’t take our word for it. Watch the video and see for yourself, if you’re brave enough:

Have you watched the video? Did it scare you? Share this to someone you think will get scared. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!




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