Toddler Suffers Severe Burns to the Mouth after Mistaking Cleaning Powder for Milk Powder

     3 months ago
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Remember to always keep dangerous things away from the reach of children at all times.

When a bottle, a packet, or anything says ‘keep away from reach of children’, it is always best to really keep them away as they might pose a danger. This child’s mother didn’t realize her child had ingested something she shouldn’t until the toddler’s lips started to blister and bleed.

On Aug 24 in Fuzhou, China, two-year-old Xiaoyun reached for a colourful packaged her family members had left in a low shelf in their home. Thinking it was powdered milk, the toddler chewed off part of the plastic, consuming some of the powder in the process. Despite its colourful packaging, it was apparently a strong cleaning agent for washing machines and not just regular laundry detergent.

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The girl soon wailed in pain, attracting the attention of her family members. They then attempted to rinse her mouth with warm water and even fed her cooking oil in an effort to soothe her pain—but to no avail.

Xiaoyun’s lips soon turned purple and within three to four minutes, her lips began to blister and ooze blood. She was immediately rushed to the hospital though by the time she arrived, three hours had passed.

Doctors found that Xiaoyun had suffered severe burns not just on her lips but her mouth, tongue and digestive tract. Parts of her body were also burned as some of the strong alkaline powder had gotten onto her skin in the ensuing panic following the accident.

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Wang, the hospital superintendent said: “In cases of poisoning, it is best if the child gets treated as early as possible, within six hours. Parents should also bring along the item which the child had accidentally ingested to the hospital, so doctors can figure out the best way to treat the patient.”

According to reports, the girl is still recovering in hospital but her condition is not known.


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