Truth or Fraud: Will Tomato Naturally Cure Varicose Veins?

     2 months ago
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With the rising costs of medical treatments, hospitalizations, and medicines, it’s no surprise that most people turn to home remedies and alternative medicine as cure to their ills. One of the most searched for condition is about varicose veins.

According to Healthline, varicose veins, or varicosities, happen when veins, especially on the lower legs, get swollen because these contain more blood than they could handle. Taking on bluish-purple or red hue, varicosities often throb and ache.

One of the main symptoms of varicosities is the noticeable, deformed vein on one’s lower extremities. You would also feel swelling, pain, and thickness around the engorged area. In extreme cases, the veins bleed, forming ulcers later on.

Since most people would try the natural way of curing varicose veins by using tomatoes, here are some things you need to know how this home remedy works.


According to the Youtube channel Wonderful Life, tomatoes possess an aspirin-like substance that could be considered an anticoagulant, some sort of natural blood thinner. Likewise, these red fruits (no, they’re not vegetables) contain flavonoids that make the blood vessel walls stronger.

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With those in mind, it’s logical to use tomatoes as natural home cures for varicose veins. The website Beauty Health Page gave instructions how to maximize the healing properties of tomatoes.

You could go about it in two ways – either using green or red tomatoes.

When you decide to go with green ones, slice the tomatoes then put them on the nodes of the problematic veins and vein capillary network. Keep them in place by tying them with a bandage.


If you feel a tingling sensation, remove the sliced tomatoes and wash the area with cold water. Do this for 5 times daily. You could reportedly see the results, such as reduced swelling and lesser pain, after 2 weeks of continuous application.


If you’re using ripened tomatoes from your pantry, fret not, these will still yield the same results, just follow the aforementioned procedures.

Before you start growing your own tomatoes, maybe you should read on what the doctors have to say.

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In fact, medical practitioners and vein experts are throwing rotten tomatoes on this natural home remedy.

According to the Miami Vein Center, the clinic of a leading vascular surgeon Dr. Jose Almeida, slapping on tomatoes like a topical solution on varicose veins is an ineffective solution for the disease that’s more than skin-deep. To address this, surgeons have to remove the unsightly veins through operation.


While the anticoagulants property of tomatoes sound scientific, it doesn’t actually help with curing the swollen vein. Besides, anticoagulants are for blood clot disorders, and are usually ingested to take effect. Sorry to disappoint, but a tomato slice can’t heal your varicose veins from the outside.


But if you’re still curious how to use tomatoes for curing varicose veins, be our guest and watch this video:

Have you tried this home remedy of tomatoes for varicose veins? If you have tried it, let us know your experience in doing so. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!




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