Vehicles with Only the Driver inside May Not Be Allowed to Pass Through EDSA Soon

     2 months ago
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This is to support the ‘Modified Car Pooling Policy.’

Based on a global evaluation conducted by Waze, a GPS-based navigation app, Metro Manila, on an urban level, was named as having the “worst traffic on Earth.” Manila scored a measly 0.4 in the traffic index and the Philippines ranked as the ninth worst place to drive.

The Philippine government has proposed various ways to ease EDSA, a major thoroughfare in Metro Manila, such as the implementation of the Highway Patrol Group of the Philippine National Police to untangle traffic, the opening of alternate routes dubbed as Mabuhay Lanes, and the construction of modular steel bridges in five areas.

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Another proposal is being considered by the MMDA to ease EDSA, and MMDA chief of staff Jojo Garcia told reporters during a press conference after the MMDA’s meeting with Metro Manila mayors that none of the latter thumbed it down. The proposal was to ban ‘drivers-only’ vehicles along EDSA, to promote the ‘Modified Car Pooling Policy.’

If there are only two passengers, the vehicle is subject to the existing coding system. If there are three passengers in a car, the number coding is lifted, and the vehicle can pass EDSA at any time and at any day. But if you are driving the car without any passenger, you are banned from passing EDSA at all times.

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17 mayors of Metro Manila agreed to study all the proposals being made by all sectors to reduce EDSA traffic but carpooling appeared to be the best option so far.


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