Vice Ganda and Toni Decides to Prank Pinty Gonzaga in “Gandang Gabi Vice”

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Pinty Gonzaga is the mom of host extraordinaire Toni and her comedic sister, Alex. The matriarch is known for being strict to her daughters, even though Toni was already in a steady relationship with Paul Soriano before they got married.

Pinty Gonzaga happens to be the manager of both her daughters so it comes as a surprise that she was subjected to some kind of a prank. According to a video released by the official YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment, Pinty Gonzaga was pranked by none other than Vice Ganda himself.

The entire scenario happened during the September 24th episode of the night comedy talkshow, “Gandang Gabi Vice.” As of this writing, it has gained over 363,760 views, 3,000 likes, and around 190 comments. The video description stated that Vice and Toni Gonzaga played a prank on Pinty Gonzaga.

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via YouTube/ABSCBNEntertainment
via YouTube/ABSCBNEntertainment
via YouTube/ABSCBNEntertainment
via YouTube/ABSCBNEntertainment

In the beginning, Vice dropped a disclaimer in which he said that Toni was the one responsible for orchestrating the whole prank. “Sa kanyang idea ‘to dahil nagkakatuwaan lagi dito na meron tayong pina-prank, napagtripan naming i-prank si Mommy Pinty,” he said.

“Ang eksena, nawala kunyari ang phone ni Toni. Tapos ako ang nakakuha. So ngayon, tatawagan ko si Mommy,” the comedian explained. But Toni butted in and said that her sister Alex has already alerted Pinty.

Toni said, “Hindi, ang sabi niya, ‘Mommy, ang ate, nawawala ang cellphone!”

“So ano ngayon, kunwari gamit ko na ang phone ni Toni?” the comedian asked to execute his prank perfectly.

via YouTube/ABSCBNEntertainment

Toni confirmed this and said, “Oo, kasi tumawag na si Catherine (Alex) na, ‘Mommy, nawawala ang cellphone ng ate, ‘wag mo siyang tatawagan.’”

On cue, one of the production crew members dialed the number of Pinty Gonzaga. However, they found out that the matriarch’s number cannot be reached.

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via Carlito Gonzaga Blogspot
via twitter/tonigonline
via twitter/tonigonline

Toni joked that her mother must’ve blocked Toni’s number. “Hindi, baka rineport na niya!” she exclaimed.

“Baka pinaputol na niya ‘yung linya mo!” Vice added as he stood up from his seat and laughed. He said that Alex shouldn’t have meddled in the first place.

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via twitter/tonigonline

Watch how it all went down in this video:

What do you think about the supposed prank? If you were in Mommy Pinty’s shoes, how would you have reacted? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below! 


SOURCE: ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube


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