Victim’s Daughter Rebukes “MMK” Episode and Suspect for Allegedly Twisting the Story to Gain Sympathy

     2 months ago
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Blinky, the youngest daughter of homicide victim Rene Cordero, ranted on social media, claiming that some facts were “twisted” on the recent “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK) episode. The victim’s daughter clarified some details about the incident that occurred almost 20 years ago.

The story of Rene Cordero being shot dead by Mamerto Imbon was the highlight of the drama-anthology episode titled “Diploma” which aired on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

The story revolved around Imbon (portrayed by Ariel Rivera) whose family was shattered as a result of his gambling addiction, which subsequently led to Cordero’s murder in February of 2001. The scene wherein the victim was gunned down occurred when Cordero supposedly refused to pay his debt to Imbon. After a heated argument, Imbon ended up fatally shooting Cordero.


Imbon was imprisoned and then released after 17 years. After Imbon’s story aired on MMK, Blinky accused him of twisting the story to gain sympathy.

Blinky narrated that she was only 11 when her father died at the hands of Imbon. She denied the allegations that her father refused to pay Imbon, and insisted that her father instead asked the suspect to leave because of  cheating.

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This drew the ire of Imbon who dared Cordero to kill him, but the latter said no. Instead, he punched Imbon and left. Blinky wrote:

“Then you got up and told my Papa, ‘thank you for not killing me, now I’ll be the one to kill you’ then you left, when my Papa went home, on his way, you waited for him, and fired him with 7 shots!”

Blinky also detailed that Imbon attempted to shoot another relative of hers, a Philippine Marine, who tried to arrest him. But the biggest lie, according to the daughter, was that Imbon offered to bring Cordero to the hospital. Blinky wrote:

“You know you never did that! How dare you?! Next time, if you want sympathy or anything, be honest and admit your faults. Do not try to change the story coz truth will eventually come out.”

Furthermore, Blinky said that her family has kept their silence because they tried to forget the unfortunate incident, adding that they even wanted to forgive Imbon for what he did. However, Imbon’s account of her father’s death made her speak up.

“Never in my life will I let anyone make my Papa look bad especially on national TV! He was not perfect but he is a good person.”

Read Blinky’s full post below.


Netizens also reacted to Blinky’s post. Check out their comments below.


If you haven’t seen the hotly contested MMK episode yet, watch a 6-minute excerpt from “Diploma” below.

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What can you say about this? Did you watch the MMK episode that Blinky was referring to? Whose side do you believe? Share your comments and reactions below!


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