Watch: 95 year old blind dementia patient abused by two carers

     3 months ago
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WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. A devastated family has released secret footage of a blind dementia patient being verbally abused and grabbed by her carers.

The video, reportedly taken at Macclesfield-based Prestbury House Care Home in the UK on March 31, was released by Lynne Nuttall, the daughter of the 95-year-old patient abused by the two carers.

Ms Nuttall said this kind of abuse was “all too common” and she screamed when she first saw the footage of the male carers threatening to “break every bone in her body,” The Manchester Evening News reported.

“When I looked at the footage I wasn’t expecting to see that. I cried out in horror. I had to stop watching. I couldn’t bear it,” she said.

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The footage, which is too graphic to show in its entirety, ends with the carer allegedly “unceremoniously” forcing the woman onto the bed after slapping her.

She screams “please god, help me,” during the ordeal.

Piotre Ciecielowski, 26, and Pedro Dias, 21, were charged over the abuse and receieved suspended sentences.

They were also ordered to complete 250 hours of unpaid work.

“What does that sentence say about how we care for the elderly in our society, when two large men can treat a 95-year-old blind woman like that, but can walk free from court?” Ms Nuttall said.

“They are evil and a disgrace.”

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