We Will Never Leave You Behind: Elderly Couple Refuse to Leave Pets during Deadly Flash Flood

     3 months ago
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They refused to let go of their dogs as rescuers were saving them.

While many homeowners decided to leave some of their pets during the Texas flood a few days back, this Japanese couple refused to let go of theirs—even if it meant that their lives could be in danger in doing so.

Citizens of Joso, Japan have recently been slammed with heavy rainfall, causing flooding and landslides in the region just north of Tokyo. While many residents immediately left flooded areas for safety, this elderly couple decided NOT to leave without their pets.

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As time passed, it was getting more and more dangerous as flood waters filled areas around their home. Thankfully, a helicopter spotted them, and told them to get into the helicopter as rescuers came down to take them. The couple refused to do so, unless their pets were saved too.

Both dogs were then placed in bags, which are then held tightly by their respective pet parents as the foursome is lifted to safety.

The incredible and touching footage just goes to show how strong a bond between pets and owners can be. Dogs and cats are sometimes more than just ‘pets’, but friends and family to many humans as well.

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