Woman Dies after Failed ‘Boob Job’ by a Chinese Tourist Who just arrived in Australia

     2 months ago
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The tourist had only been in Australia for five days, and was scheduled to leave the day she was arrested.

When people wish to undergo cosmetic surgeries, it is always best to get in touch with a legit, trustworthy, and licensed doctor. Cheap surgeries are cheap for many reasons, and allowing your body to be meddled with by people who aren’t licensed to do so poses a very dangerous risk.

This woman died after allowing a tourist perform a breast implant on her.

Jean Huang died after she was allegedly administered a local anaesthetic and breast fillers by Chinese tourist Jie Shao, 33, at a Chippendale salon. They were apparently introduced by mutual friends, and Shao claimed that she can perform the surgery on Huang.

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Huang suffered from a cardiac arrest during the surgery on August 30, but was revived by paramedics who arrived at the scene. However, Huang soon died on September 1. Police allege Shao administered lidocaine, an anaesthetic, as well as an “intoxicating substance”, the drug tramadol, into Huang’s chest.

A NSW court heard Shao was on a tourist visa and not qualified to carry out cosmetic work in Australia at the time Huang was injected. She appeared in court via video link from Surry Hills Police Centre where she was seeking to be released on bail on charges that included administering a poison.

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During her arrest, Shao was about to leave the country after her 5-day vacation in Australia.


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