Woman Remembers How Princess Diana Worked for Her as a Nanny Before She Rose to Fame

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She was described by her employer—and now friend—as a shy and very humble woman.

Princess Diana was the most popular royalty of all time—and probably still is to this day. She was just 20 years old when she married the future king of England, Prince Charles. She was popular with the people, who loved her dearly for her beauty and kindness through her humanitarian work. Her death was a tragedy that shook the world.

But before her fame, Diana was a simple girl who worked side jobs, trying to live like an ordinary person. However, we all know that Lady Diana Spencer was far from ordinary. She is an extraordinary person, who did extraordinary things to the world.

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One of her employers, Mary Robertson, didn’t know who she was at the time of her employment. It all started in 1980 when Robertson was in need of a nanny to take care of her children. At that time, Diana was the only available nanny. As soon as they met, Robertson claims she immediately fell in love with the shy, humble Diana—not knowing she was such an important person. Diana was hired as a nanny for $5 an hour.

“We never knew until much later on that she had a title or personal wealth. She just came along as a normal part-time nanny,” said Robertson, who now lives in New Vernon, N.J.

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When Robertson soon found out Diana’s real identity, she confronted the latter. Diana reacted as if it was no big deal and simply asked to take Patrick out for a walk—that was how shy and humble she was. Despite the fact that her cover was blown, Diana remained close to the Robertsons and continued to stay in contact with them for 16 years.

When Diana died from the car crash that left the whole world mourning, Robertson was one of the people who personally attended the funeral.


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