Woman Senses a Baby Was Being Carried by an Alleged Human Trafficker on a Bus

     2 months ago
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Human trafficking remains as one of the most common crimes internationally community. No matter how vigilant or strict airport personnel can be, multinational crime syndicates still breach security. One such woman encountered a supposed human trafficker on her bus ride.

According to the report of the World of Buzz, a woman identified as Lee rode a bus after she left her office. She planned to go home and have a peaceful ride but when she saw a man enter the public transportation, she sensed something else is going on.

The source cited that Lee thought the man was anxious. He sat down inside the vehicle and failed to pay his fare at first. The baby on his arms appeared to have cried prior to his boarding.

This gave Lee the idea that the man may not be directly related to the baby. He also patted the baby’s back harder than any experienced parent would have, based on the report.

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Lee said that the baby’s attire might have been the giveaway in the scenario because the weather was chilly, specifically in Sichuan, China.

The source cited that the country was currently in the middle of their autumn season. Therefore, any caring parent would have at least clothed the baby in long-sleeves.

By that time, Lee grew heavily suspicious of the man that she snuck her way to the back of the bus and took pictures of the pair for possible evidence. She sent these to the police officials through social media.


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When her phone battery reached its limit, Lee followed the man with the baby because she couldn’t shake off the strange feeling in her gut. She called the police, who immediately notified her after two hours. According to them, they picked up the man and the baby in the train station.

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The source claimed that her action had gotten praises all over social media. They weren’t able to verify if the man whom Lee had followed was indeed a human trafficker or not but one thing was for sure – the baby wasn’t his.

He could be a kidnapper or something else but it is to be noted that in the report of the New York Times dated June 2017, China was tagged by the United States as one of the world’s “worst human trafficking offenders.”

What do you think about this case, readers? Do you think the man might be a human trafficker? If you encounter suspicious people, don’t hesitate to report it to the authorities! Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below! 


SOURCE: World of Buzz | New York Times


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