Woman Shares Photos of an OFW Sleeping on the Floor with Only a Large Plastic as a ‘Blanket’

     2 months ago
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Imagine leaving your family to work abroad, only to be treated by employers this way.

The life of many OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) in other countries is no joke. As a matter of fact, they are the unsung heroes of today. In order to make sure their families are well-fed and well-educated, they sacrifice their own life and go to other countries and work for other families. Unfortunately, not all employers are good, and these OFWs are sometimes abused.

This OFW was unfortunate to work under bad employees. Facebook user Rose Saro shared photos of the said OFW back in 2016, but is still going viral to this day.

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Apparently, Saro’s employer visited a ‘friend’, who happened to be the employer of the OFW. In the photos, the poor woman can be seen sleeping on the cold floor, with only a large plastic ‘blanket’ to keep her warm—if it even keeps her warm at all!

Since there were no follow-up posts regarding the OFW’s condition, it still isn’t clear if the OFW was rescued, or was at least compensated by the way she was treated.


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