Woman Wins ‘The Best Job in the World’ and Travels to Stunning Places all Expenses Paid!

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I would drop everything I have if only I could covet her job!

What exactly is the best job in the world? What does it take to be considered the best job there is? Of course, the pay should be good, and the best would be when employees get to enjoy time to themselves every now and then. This woman’s job fit that criteria—but there is more to it!

Sorelle Amore is an Australian photographer, videographer and reporter living in Iceland. Having traveled to over 40 countries and starting at the age of five, she instantly become obsessed with the beauty of people and of Mother Nature worldwide. And what job fits her most? Travelling! It all started with a contest held by 3rd Home.

Third home launched their contest ‘the best job on the planet’, where writers, photographers and anybody who meets the criteria can join. So, what’s the prize?

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According to third home’s post on Facebook, the winner will get to: “Travel the world, while staying in multi-million dollar luxury vacation homes. Pays $10,000/month plus all travel expenses for a 3-month period staying in up to twelve (12) of the most luxurious homes. Your travels will take you to some of the most desired resorts and homes across the globe.”

For winning the contest, Amore received $10,000 a month, a travel allowance, and even the opportunity to bring along one travel buddy for the three-month position.

All she has to do is share her adventures in the 12 different homes with the world through photos and videos on social media. Being a writer and a photographer, Sorelle perfectly fit Third Home’s criteria.

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Moreover, Amore has worked as a tour guide for multiple companies, an outdoor education instructor for kids, a lifeguard on some of the busiest beaches in Australia, a travel photographer and videographer, and an official promoter of Iceland and Greenland tourism.

Imagine travelling the world for free, while being paid a hefty $10,000 a month, plus she gets to stay in luxury homes for the rest of the contract—definitely the best job there is!

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