Woman’s Eyeballs Popped out after Her Colleague stabbed her with 14-centimeter Heels during Fight

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What started in a simple misunderstanding ended in a gruesome fight that left one of them blind.

A woman was left with a blind left eye and a partially blind right eye after her colleague stabbed her in the eye with 14.5-centimeter heels. According to reports, Siti Zahara Afifi Abdul Karim who was wearing a pair of stiletto heels measuring about 14.5cm, continually kicked Ms Nur Lena’s face, despite intervention from a witness.

Apparently, the 28-year-old assailant kicked the 30-year-old part-time KTV hostess repeatedly on the face during a scuffle. Ms Nur Lena felt the heel hit her eyelid twice before it jabbed her eye, dislodging her eyeball.

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The scuffle started with a very simple problem, which doesn’t even involve them directly. Siti Zahara’s sister was the ex-girlfriend of Ms Nur Lena’s friend. During that time, Siti Zahara’s sister had gotten a set of braces, which Ms Nur Lena’s friend had been paying for. After the relationship ended, the friend wanted to continue paying for the braces despite Ms Nur Lena urging him not to.

Nur Lena was conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for treatment, where it was discovered that she had suffered left-eye permanent blindness and right-eye temporal hemianopia, a condition in which patients can only see the nasal part of their visual field.

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Her left eye was removed and an orbital implant was done.

Yesterday (Oct 3), Siti Zahara was convicted of causing grievous hurt to Ms Nur Lena by carrying out a rash act to endanger the personal safety of others.  For causing grievous hurt, Siti Sahara faces a maximum penalty of four years’ imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.



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