Xander Ford’s Surgeon Dr. Samuel Eric Yapjuangco Allegedly Involved in Controversial Operation Before

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It seems like issues still continue to hound Xander Ford, who used to be known as Marlou Arizala. After his recent public appearance through Korina Sanchez’s program “Rated K,” the former Hasht5 member is facing another controversy.

Did you know that his supposed cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Eric Yapjuangco, was allegedly involved in a very controversial incident before? Apparently, a netizen shared a lengthy Facebook post about the so-called surgeon.

Based on her post, Dr. Yapjuangco was the same surgeon who operated on Shiryl Saturnino, the businesswoman who lost her life after multiple organ failures.

It could be remembered that back then, Saturnino went to The Icon Clinic in Mandaluyong to have breast revision, liposuction, and butt surgery.

via Inquirer
via facebook/musicluver156

According to GMA News Online, the medical staff involved in her procedures were Dr. Samuel Eric Calderon Yapjuangco, anesthesiologist Dr. Jose Jovito Cordero Mendiola, and nurses Virgil Alec Ongleo, Alvin Carl Genove, and Audrey Michelle Santos.

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The netizen said that she was “impressed” at how the public relations staff of The Icon Clinic had “easily pulled itself out of a major PR crisis-slash-nightmare.” 

She said that she posted her status after several people have commented their praises on the surgeon responsible for Xander Ford’s transformation. An excerpt of her status reads:

“I see a lot of people on my newsfeed praising the doctor and clinic for their work. They’re now probably being bombarded with phone calls and inquiries from impressed viewers who watched the show.” 

via facebook/marlouarizala
via facebook/marlouarizala

Based on a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the medical staff was charged with violating the Republic Act 2332 or the Medical Practice Act of 1959.

According to the source:

“On top of obstruction of justice, the five personnel of The Icon Clinic on Shaw Boulevard will also face charges of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide.” 

via The Icon Clinic
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In another report by the Philippine Entertainment Portal, it was mentioned that Dr. Yapjuangco was the one who presided over Xander Ford’s six-hour operation.

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He was still involved with The Icon Clinic. However, the procedure on Xander Ford was done in Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center.

Read the netizen’s full post about the cosmetic surgeon below:

via facebook/[REDACTED]

Here are the netizens’ comments about her post:

via facebook/[REDACTED]

It is important to note that the netizen’s post remains unverified as of this writing. Meanwhile, is open to hearing both sides of the parties involved.

What do you think about this? What do you think will happen to Xander Ford? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section below! 

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