Xander Ford’s Transformation Revelation on ‘Rated K’ Drove Fans in the Studio into a Frenzy

     3 months ago
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Can you recognize him?

Filipino netizens are now buzzing about Xander Ford’s transformation. The internet sensation formerly known as Marlou Arizala initially found fame as a member of the boy band HashT5. But in 2016, he left the group in order to launch his solo career. Born and raised in the Philippines, Marlou has become famous among Filipino viewers because of his comedic roles in some shows and videos.

Sadly, he had always been the subject of ridicule because of his looks. He became more famous because of his ‘unattractive face’, rather than his skills as a performer. This opted Marlou to completely change himself—physically.

He made headlines once he decided to change his name to Xander Ford, and undergo plastic surgery Many netizens were curious, while many bashed him for going under the knife. As many of us know, plastic surgery isn’t widely accepted in the Philippines, and many citizens are against it.

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But as soon as Rated K revealed the new face of Xander Ford, people inside the studio went into a frenzy. Many cheered him on, while many were in disbelief. His parents, who were among the audience, could only cry as they saw their son’s big change. 

Visible changes to his nose, chin, hair, and teeth made him look completely different.

Though his physical appearance had drastically changed, Xander Ford assured his fans that he is still the same. He said: “Kung sino yung nasa harapan ninyo, binago ko lang siya sa pangalan at pagkatao, yung sa panglabas ko. Para mabago naman din yung tingin sakin ng ibang tao.”

[The person in front of you simply changed his name and physical appearance. So that other people would change how they look at me.]

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His photos and videos went viral online, with more netizens now siding with him. They believe that the surgeon did a really good job, and should be praised for his hard work too. What do you think of the all new Xander Ford?


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