Filipino Clerk caught stealing money in Dubai

     2 years ago
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A Filipino employee at a money exchange was caught on CCTV stealing Dh1,000 (P13,612) from a customer by dropping the note on the floor and telling him the amount was short.

The 35-year-old Filipino took the money from a Chinese customer and dropped a Dh1,000 note at his feet before returning the cash.

​A Jordanian administrative executive at the money exchange in Naif said the defendant was also seen on CCTV taking Dh1,000 from a co-worker’s cash register.

“He waited until the employee went to the toilet and took the money from the register. When we reviewed the footage, he confessed to taking the money and never paying it back,” the 38-year-old executive said.

At Dubai Criminal Court, the defendant admitted a charge of theft. A verdict is expected on January 16.



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