Good News! No age limit for job seekers under Duterte administration

     2 years ago
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Removal of Age Limit Requirements to all job seekers is going to happen under Duterte’s administration according to some experts.

NO AGE LIMIT!!..Senator Pia Cayetano one of the advisers of President Rodrigo Duterte said she filed Senate Bill No. 29 or the Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 2013 to put an end to what she considered an emerging type of discrimination in the labor front.

The bill is still pending and they are hoping that the Duterte’s administration is going to push it immediately.

The bill prohibit and penelize employers who will decline any application because of the job seeker’s age.

According to the OFWs who decided to go back to the country and look for jobs here in the Philippines have experienced this age discrimination practice by local employers. This is despite the fact they have gained long years of experience in working abroad.

Many Filipinos believe that the Age Limit Requirements is the number one cause of unemployment in the Philippines.

“Because of our age, we cannot get a job in the Philippines so our only solution to get a job is to work overseas where there is no age discrimination”

Supporters of Rody Duterte are hoping that the age discrimination is going to implement under Duterte’s administration.

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