Saturday, January 6, 2018


Fast Food or Fraud? Python Swallows Deer Whole in Just 10 Seconds

Once again, we found something on the Internet that’s both fascinating and, frankly, a bit disgusting. It involves two things: a python and a...

Angel Locsin Hugs a Little Boy and Ends up Getting Kissed

Angel Locsin is a literal angel when it comes to her fans. The actress is known for being kind and very warm to people...

Mysterious Creature Slithers out of a Bathroom in Private Residence

Have you ever seen a mysterious creature in your life? You probably haven’t but a particular resident – or residents – spotted a strange,...

Dog Sacrifices His Life to Save Baby From Burning House

We’ve heard a number of stories with regard to the heroic act of dogs. These loyal and faithful animals have proven time after time...

Singer Couple Asks for Raffy Tulfo’s Help After They Got Cheated

Assume balance is an act of selling a loan vehicle to another owner assuming that the buyer will pay the remaining balance in the...

Tete-A-Tit: Teenage Girl Trades Virginity for Brand New Apple iPhone 8

Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. For one teenage girl in China, wishing to own the latest Apple...

Construction Worker Who Won PHP 1.2 Million Goes Back to Being Poor

Living the life of a construction worker is hard. It requires you to be extremely dedicated and hardworking, even if the weather conditions are...

Driver Tosses Umbrella to Soaked Traffic Policeman in Wuhu City, China

Wuhu City is a prefecture-level city located in the southeastern province of Anhui, China. It sits on the southeast bank of the Yangtze River,...

Man Finds a Secret Passage in the Middle of the Woods

We all have heard of secret passages and rooms in old houses. A hidden area can be found in one’s attic, which can be...

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